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More Bang

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NINJA (for all services)
Your tasks or requests are completed within 36 hours. You pay in advance for 3 hours, but I will provide a total of 4 billable hours of work.

SUMO (for all services)
Your tasks or requests are completed within 72 hours. You pay in advance for 5 hours, but I will provide a total of 8 billable hours of work.

BENTO (for web services)
Your web tasks will be bundled together in a tidy package customized to your needs. Tasks may include back-ups, updates, upgrades, content editing, SEO, etc.

SENSEI (for web services)
This option is for those who prefer to personally handle web tasks (back-ups, updates, upgrades, content editing, SEO, etc.), but need to be pointed in the right direction. I can provide training and instruction materials (in-person or electronically) so that clients can learn can learn to manage these tasks themselves.


Contact me for more info on these options or my current rates. eov

more on more bang  

These options offer more bang for the buck, and would be especially helpful to clients with frequent or occasional requests. It may seem odd to package my services as if they’re sale items in a close-out bin, but I do believe these options could benefit my clients (and myself!)

How This Helps You:

  • Many clients hesitate to ask for my help because they don’t want to bother me with small requests, so good ideas or important requests often get overlooked.
  • Many web clients need help to maintain, back-up, update, upgrade and tidy up their sites or are too busy to handle it themselves.
  • Pre-payment can ensure that your small tasks can get completed promptly.

How This Helps Me:

  • I enjoy my work. But I get less joy out of invoicing – especially for small tasks that barely register a billable hour. As a result, I tend to place it lower on my to-do list or I often end up comping my clients, which (no surprise) does not help pay the bills.
  • It provides an understanding of expectations.
  • Payment in advance is helpful – but honestly, I have never had any problem with clients paying me. I feel fortunate that everyone I’ve had the pleasure to do work for has compensated me promptly.